Friday, 30 August 2013

UNISON's Public Works Blog

Today saw the launch of UNISON's Public Works Blog to support the Public Works campaign. The aim of this blog is to highlight news and analysis about public service delivery in Scotland. It will cover issues such as service cuts, jobs, public service reform, privatisation as well as the wider political and economic context.

This is an informal blog, not where we post press releases and other formal materials. Contributions should not be taken as formal statements of UNISON Scotland policy as it will cover areas where there is no settled UNISON policy or go into more detail. We want to avoid a dull corporate blog and instead promote ideas and discussion and disseminate news that might not be covered in the mainstream media.

We welcome comments and contributions from UNISON activists, staff and others who share the aims of our Public Works campaign. In particular, examples of good practice, positive stories about public services in Scotland and the great services our members deliver every day. Stories that illustrate the impact of cuts on services at local level would also be welcome to supplement the Cuts Impact Assessments. Plus examples of service reform, good and bad.

Contributions don’t have to be lengthy, in fact 600 words or so is probably the maximum, but can be much shorter with links for more information. You can also contribute to the debate on an issue in the comments section.

We hope this will become a useful resource for the campaign and you will be able to contribute.

Dave Watson
Scottish Organiser
(Bargaining & Campaigns)
14 West Campbell St
G2 6RX