Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Could you be earning even more cashback?

You may already know that you can earn 3% - 6% cashback* at the retailers listed in the attached link but, have you heard about the other benefits that come with your prepaid card? For example:
You can use your prepaid card to pay for your online shopping (not just in-store)

The cashback you earn is automatically loaded onto your card each time you top up

You will still earn store loyalty points, like Boots Advantage and Nectar Card points

You can still earn cashback on sale items or special offers, as long as it's not one of the few partner retailer exclusions (see them here)

You can enjoy cashback on petrol at ASDA. Just remember you will need to purchase the petrol from an ASDA kiosk, this card will not work at the pump (Petrol at Sainsbury’s is an exclusion, so you will not  earn cashback)