Thursday, 6 February 2014

UNISON Briefing on Equal Marriage Bill

Today, the Scottish Parliament will have the final debate and vote on Scotland's equal marriage bill.
A number of amendments have been submitted that, if carried, would effectively kill off the bill and create confusion and uncertainty. It would roll back LGBT equality and allow discrimination against same-sex couples.
UNISON Scotland supports the principle of same sex marriage and working in partnership with Equality Network has campaigned to bring the legislation into line with other European countries. Above all else it is a simple but important act of equality.
The bill will deliver equality in marriage law, while at the same time ensuring that those who oppose same-sex marriage continue to have full freedom of religion, belief and expression.
The related amendments to the Equality Act 2010, which the Scottish and UK Government have agreed, will further guarantee the freedom of those who oppose same-sex marriage. In addition, recent guidance from the Lord Advocate protects free speech around same-sex marriage, and the Scottish Government will issue updated guidance on Relationship, Sexual Health and Parenthood education.
Please contact your MSP via the Equality Network link and ask them to reject the amendments.