Thursday, 27 November 2014

Say NO to NMC fee increases

Ask your MP to take action on NMC fees

In order to practice, all nurses and midwive must pay an annual registration fee to the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC).
The NMC’s recent decision to increase registration fees to £120 means fees have gone up by 52% in the last three years - at a time when nurses and midwives have experienced a pay freeze.
This decision has left nurses and midwives struggling to pay the fee, knowing they cannot work if they cannot find the money.
That's why over 113,000 people have signed the government e-petition calling for a parliamentary debate on the issue.
The NHS has long benefitted from older nurses returning to work on less hours. But a recent UNISON survey showed that more than half of those who responded said it would not be economical for them to do so if fees increased. This loss is bad for the NHS and bad for patients.

Ask your MP for support

Please ask your MP to write to health secretary Jeremy Hunt urging him to commit to the following actions:
  • Intervene in the NMC’s decision to increase registration fees by providing a bail out to the regulator
  • Call for a parliamentary debate on the NMC fees increase
  • Defer and reconsider the requirement for regulators to pay a fee to the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).

We have prepared some text as a guide, but please add details to make your email a personal one and include your own experience as nurse or midwife, or as a supporter of the services they provide.
Thank you for your help.

Click here to tell your MP to reject NMC fee increases which have gone up by 52% in 3 years. Another reason for fair NHS pay