Tuesday, 2 June 2015

HCPC registration fee hike - campaign update‏

A big thanks to all of you who completed our survey and gave your opinions on HCPC's proposals to raise registration fees by 12.5%.*
Unsurprisingly an overwhelming 97% of the 4,800+ members who responded were opposed to such a huge increase - especially as HCPC had promised there would be no increase at all this year. This level of opposition, together with the detailed comments you gave, allowed UNISON to put together a strong response. You can read it here
HCPC presses on regardless
Despite the strong feeling this has caused across the 16 affected professions, the HCPC took just seven days to consider all the responses. Having noted the overwhelming opposition and anger they contained it then announced it would press ahead anyway with the increases from 1 August.
We need you to get behind the campaign
HCPC now has to get rule changes approved in both the Westminster and Scottish Parliaments. We need to do everything we can to raise the profile of this issue with parliamentarians in order to call HCPC to account, to press for a rethink, and to deter further increases in future.  So UNISON has been briefing MPs and MSPs, and a group of MPs has tabled an Early Day Motion which you can read here.
Please could you and your colleagues write to your MP as soon as possible raising your concerns? The campaign will have much more impact if MPs hear directly from their constituents about this, but we need to move fast.
Just go to this link www.writetothem.com/ and enter your postcode, then select your MP, click on their name, and you can type a message and send it to them direct.
You can use these key points and/or any other points of your own:
·        I am writing to you as a [your profession] to seek your help in raising concerns about the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)'s decision to impose a massive 12.5% increase to my mandatory registration fee. I believe HCPC is unaccountable and is able to exploit the fact that I and my colleagues have no choice but to pay registration fees in order to practise our professions.
·        Over the last five years of pay freezes and pay restraint, pay for people in my profession has fallen by over 10% in real terms.
·        Over three quarters of respondents to HCPC's consultation (rising to 86% among individual respondents) were opposed to the increase, but the HCPC has decided to proceed anyway.
·        When it imposed a 5% fee increase in 2014, HCPC told registrants that it would not review fees again till 2016.
·         [Describe the effect on you and your attitude to the HCPC]
·        I would be most grateful if you could
o       Sign Early Day Motion No 41 "Flat fee levy on health professionals" which calls for HCPC to delay the rise
o       Write to Health Ministers asking them to intervene to ensure that HCPC is not able to use the stranglehold it has over my livelihood to levy excessive fee rises, but instead takes measures to cut its costs
Let the HCPC Council know what you think
You may also wish to write to the HCPC Council expressing your disappointment in their decision. The Council consists of 6 lay and 6 registrant members. You can do so via the Secretary to the Council, Louise Lake louise.lake@hcpc-uk.org or write to HCPC Council members c/o HCPC, Park House, 184 Kennington Park Road, London, SE11 4BU.
If you have any queries about this email please contact health@unison.co.uk
Thanks for your help